Thursday, July 7, 2016

My FAVORITE cover ... ever!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I got to draw ROBIN and BATMAN again last year. I just thought that you might like to see a bit of it.
LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT (digital only) - Issues 63, 64 and 65

Sunday, January 19, 2014

PONT du GARD - Four Years Later

The picture that I have on FB of Sue and me is from PONT DU GARD in France from back in 2010. These photos are from 2014. Damn, Sue is going backwards. She looks even younger. 
We had such beautiful skies around there. The clouds were a painting in an of themselves.
I'm in love (with SUE and with FRANCE!)

Friday, January 10, 2014


I do think that I have a possibly unhealthy attraction to France. I love it there. I enjoy visiting. I think that I could be very comfortable living there. Who knows?

Well, my blog has sure been dormant for quite some time. Sorry about that. I had enough trouble staying on top of my art deadlines. I penciled and inked a 30 page LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT story last year for DC Comics Digital First Line and it took me six months and a lot of late nights (and a fairly upset spouse -- I can't blame her) to do that.

At the end of the year, I made an attempt to draw (pencil, ink, letter and color) a strip of PELLUCIDAR, the Edgar Rice Burroughs material, working with Chuck Dixon for the first time in 21 years and the deadlines on that became prohibitive and destructive so I had to withdraw. It was fun while it lasted.

So, now that I'm teaching for SCAD in France again for a quarter, part of my mission is to work on new digital art creation skills and techniques. I will be exploring the use of ProCREATE and SketchbookPRO on an iPad with an Adonit Jot Touch pressure-sensitive stylus and posting those painful efforts on the blog here.

But for now ... I'm prepping for classes on Monday with my 24 Sequential Art students from the USA. The most overheard comment from yesterday when they all arrived, "Wow. The pictures don't even come close to letting you know what it's really like to be here!"

Onward all.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well ... I Already Let the Cat Out of the BAG!!


Some idiot scooped his own blog by posting it on Facebook last night.
However, I'm still excited. I'm going to get to draw BATMAN again. For the first time in 20 years. Nice.

I mentioned one other project for sure yesterday.

I'll be working with the SUPER-TALENTED Cyril Guichard (spouse of the super terrific SCAD Professor and ever nice person, Celeste Guichard) to develop a video game. I'll be doing concept and storytelling work for him in the spring and summer. I won't release details until he says I can.

So, all the people who know me are thinking, "Tom? Doing a video game? He HATES video games!"

No. I don't. I resent the time that they take away from your life. VERY different.

And the third project? The potential one. It's a writing gig. I won't tell you anything yet. The proposal is in. They're looking at it. They'll let me know soon and I'll be screaming from the mountain top.

All three are worth some screaming.

I'll post some BATMAN pencils as soon as I can. I can only put up some panels, but I'll definitely do that.

More to come.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where Do I Go? Why Do I Have Trouble Blogging?

I've been gone off my Blog-o-sphere since summer and it's a pretty long layoff. I just am not one of those people who thinks that you should hear EVERYTHING I think ... or do ... or where I go to eat. Come on.

I'm not on Twitter. Probably won't ever be. (Never say never, but I have a HUGE aversion to it at this time.)

I have a forum in my classrooms to pontificate and be a raconteur so my need to entertain here is less pressing.

By the way, the photo above is from my whirlwind trip to Madrid, Spain (what a lovely trip and a great convention) and it offers a hint of something from below.

I've got two projects (and maybe a third ... and it will be a huge step in my career) that I'll want to be promoting for this next year. Two of the potential three will be a surprise and be new territory. The other is revisiting an old friend -- but what a friend.

I'm going to be drawing thirty pages for DC Digital First of ...

oh, I've got to have SOMETHING to put up next time as I try to actually keep a blog.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and good luck for the New Year -- everyone.


Friday, July 6, 2012


I've had a loaner computer from SCAD since the end of Spring Quarter. My hard drive crashed.

I have an older MacBook Pro here and it's not got a whole bunch of software on it that I was determined to work with over the summer. So, I'm just biding my time.

I DO want to learn to paint in Photoshop, but also in Painter. I haven't got Painter on this one.

But, in the mean time, I got a book on digital painting in Photoshop and started messing around on a drawing that I did in Paris in the spring of 2011. Here's the results so far (far from finished.)

So, it's okay so far. A bit more Impressionistic than I hoped, but I won't fight that.

I've got to set this aside and work on some story pages next week. I'm going to have to tell you all about those later.

HEROES CON was AWESOME, by the way. Come next year if you didn't make it this year. SCAD's Sequential Workshops were worth the price of admission.

Take care.