Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hey. When did people stop learning how to be courteous about waiting in line? Or, better yet, realizing that people are in line ahead of them and then waiting?

I've had many incidents in the last year with people just walking right past a line and going ahead of others already waiting (myself included as one of those waiting). I confronted one a while back and was accused of being a racist. All is said was, "You do realize that all of us were waiting in line here before you?"

C'mon. Let's try to be nice to each other and find some common decency and courtesy for the new year.

Now, the old man part:
I think that some of this behavior comes from less structure in school that allows people to become even more self-obsessed than they would be otherwise. Too many "entitled" acting folks going around. Most are young.

The older people who behave that way are just jerks. They have no other excuse.

Wow. Two negative posts in a row. What a way to end a year!!!!!!

I'll be in Lacoste by Monday, so more to come ... from FRANCE!!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WOW! Where has this Creep Been?


I've been gone from the blog world for quite a while now. Part of it is being busy as a teacher at SCAD, but a good deal of it has been from a lack of knowledge of what to talk about. I've been at odds with where to go with my work and I didn't want to try and figure it out in public.

I need to be drawing something.

Here's some personal stuff ... and don't get me wrong - I'm not whining. I have felt guided towards my decision as to what to work on for a long time, but I've fought it.

Who knows why? I think mostly the fear of the unknown. Can I draw something new that "seems" new? Those "you suck as an artist" voices have been loud, but not too loud. But I've listened to them and seen my limitations.

And I haven't been happy with what I saw.

So, here's the deal:
I'm going to be in Lacoste, France for the winter quarter of 2010 teaching for SCAD (tough gig, I know, but somebody has to do it) and while there I'll be plotting and laying out the graphic novel that I've been talking about for three to four years now.

Seems about time to work on it.

I need an outlet for Tom and Tom's art and this seems to be the best solution. It also works towards my goal of doing film as I think that this story would make a great film.

Starting in January, I'll try to post some of my work process. In particular, how I work plot form even when writing for myself. I much prefer it.

I already have the basic story arc developed in my head. Now, I have to get it down on paper with the proper pacing AND choose the correct/best stories to use from my life as the stories I'm "telling" within the story of my graphic novel.

I hope you're intrigued. I am. And just a little bit scared. But I'll get over that.

Thanks for being patient with me about my posts.


Btw, here's a piece of art from my solo art show of comic illustration that was at a gallery in Brunswick, GA for the month of November. It was a great show. Pencils and inks are by me. Colors are by SCAD Grad Student, Kate Kasenow - a fine artist in her own right.

The black and white art for this sold at the show opening. Cool.