Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well ... I Already Let the Cat Out of the BAG!!


Some idiot scooped his own blog by posting it on Facebook last night.
However, I'm still excited. I'm going to get to draw BATMAN again. For the first time in 20 years. Nice.

I mentioned one other project for sure yesterday.

I'll be working with the SUPER-TALENTED Cyril Guichard (spouse of the super terrific SCAD Professor and ever nice person, Celeste Guichard) to develop a video game. I'll be doing concept and storytelling work for him in the spring and summer. I won't release details until he says I can.

So, all the people who know me are thinking, "Tom? Doing a video game? He HATES video games!"

No. I don't. I resent the time that they take away from your life. VERY different.

And the third project? The potential one. It's a writing gig. I won't tell you anything yet. The proposal is in. They're looking at it. They'll let me know soon and I'll be screaming from the mountain top.

All three are worth some screaming.

I'll post some BATMAN pencils as soon as I can. I can only put up some panels, but I'll definitely do that.

More to come.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where Do I Go? Why Do I Have Trouble Blogging?

I've been gone off my Blog-o-sphere since summer and it's a pretty long layoff. I just am not one of those people who thinks that you should hear EVERYTHING I think ... or do ... or where I go to eat. Come on.

I'm not on Twitter. Probably won't ever be. (Never say never, but I have a HUGE aversion to it at this time.)

I have a forum in my classrooms to pontificate and be a raconteur so my need to entertain here is less pressing.

By the way, the photo above is from my whirlwind trip to Madrid, Spain (what a lovely trip and a great convention) and it offers a hint of something from below.

I've got two projects (and maybe a third ... and it will be a huge step in my career) that I'll want to be promoting for this next year. Two of the potential three will be a surprise and be new territory. The other is revisiting an old friend -- but what a friend.

I'm going to be drawing thirty pages for DC Digital First of ...

oh, I've got to have SOMETHING to put up next time as I try to actually keep a blog.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and good luck for the New Year -- everyone.