Saturday, May 12, 2012

INKS! (Well, Digital Inks!)

There's something really cool and really "off" about working digitally. I miss the feeling of the paper. I am still working out how to "see" the correct size so that I don't zoom in and do too much rendering. Also, I'm working on layers to accommodate whatever means of "toning" or "coloring" that I head towards. So, there's a foreground, midground and background layer on every page.

This is page six in progress. I started on page three.  I'm still working on being messier with my line work. I can't help myself. I try to clean up my lines too much.

I have been looking at some line illustrations by Frank Godwin as an influence for some looser line work and it's been a bit of a help.

I think the tones or colors will make or break these pages. As usual, I'm proud of and confident in my storytelling, but I'm always working on my "finished" look.

Feedback would be appreciated. Where am I making good changes? Where am I not changing enough? Where am I making bad changes?

Your opinions, please.

Thanks-   Tom