Friday, August 17, 2007

Mortality and MIKE WIERINGO

Hi all-
Been a while since I've posted. The main thing on my mind this week has been my mortality ... what with Mike Wieringo's passing and all. He was younger than me and went before me. He was the same age that my brother Larry was when he died.

Odd coincidence, but I couldn't help acknowledge it.

I met Mike a few times, but never got to have a depthful conversation with him and now I never will. I liked his art. I liked him ... what I got to know of him. I'm glad that he had lots of friends as close as Todd Dezago.

Nothing else to report right now.

I'm waiting to hear on other stuff and I'll post about them when I can. Hope everyone else finds peace and happiness for the remainder of the year ... and beyond.



In the meantime, I'm posting another of the sample pencil pages that I did. Spidey and Black Cat (and the Rhino) on this one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, you are one of my favourites comics artists... I hope to see you again on Spider-man comic-books ;)

Tim Hamilton said...

Hey! You joined the cyber age!
Now you need to catch up with the music world ( favorite music Eric Clapton?). : )
I kid!!!

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See you on the interwebs!

Tim Hamilton