Sunday, November 18, 2007

DAN SHURTLEFF - where are you??

I should read the replies to my posts more often, Dan. I just saw that you wrote me a while back.
It edited out your email address, so just let me know your username and I'll write you. I'm tlyle49 and I use the same email company that you do.

Good to hear from you. I've tried to find you in the phone book and that stuff many times.

Hope all is well.



Mel said...

Hi Tom!

Happy new year :D This is Mel, from Ithaca, NY. I hope you remember me... I was doing something online and found your journal. How are you? The pages below look fab! I hope all is well.

Happy and Good things to you!

~Mel :)

Tom Lyle said...

Hey Mel.

Drop an email to Sue or me.
Sue is:


Hope all is well.

Take care.