Thursday, December 6, 2007


Wish I were in Japan, too.
Hope you guys had fun.



Angel Hill said...

Oh Tom, what a stressful month you've had! I'm sorry about your Mother, and I said a little prayer for your parents. I hope you're doing well, otherwise.

Things will work out with one of the big two! Just keep heart. I hope you can get up to New York and talk to some people, I'm sure that'll make a bigger impact, and hey - maybe even lead to work. :D

I'm excited about your new personal project. I'm sure it'll be awesome. I don't think I have any classes with you next quarter (how sad!) but I'm sure I will again.

Tom Lyle said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, words, prayers and more. I miss my mom, but she had been sick all year so it was no surprise that she died.
I was lucky enough to see her on her last lucid day and tell her what a good mom she was and that I love her. That was more valuable than anything that could happen for me.
I am not giving up on the big two either, but I keep telling you guys about it so that you know how persistent you have to be to succeed in this industry.
Thanks for working hard in Drawing this last quarter.
I hope you're having a great break.
See you soon.