Friday, March 21, 2008

Still Alive!!

Hey all-
To those of you asking about commissions ... I'm not currently doing them. By the summer I may have time. I'm trying to get finished with a huge job before I take on anything.

Sorry to have been so long between posts. I've been really busy with school - teaching at SCAD!

I'm taking on 5 classes for Spring quarter, so I'll likely be fairly unavailable again.

I haven't heard a thing from Marvel or DC in quite a while, so I'm pursuing other options. If they call, terrific. If they don't, life goes on and I can quite enjoy it.

I appreciate all the support since my Mom died in November. I've found out about a friend who has died two years ago (we lost contact with each other) and so I keep getting reminded of my mortality. Darn it.

My health is good. My wife, Sue, is doing great. Savannah is fine. SCAD is terrific. I'll post some new artwork soon.

In the meantime, here's a header I created for one of the Drawing classes I teach. Fun, huh?

See you all soon.



Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

I've looked for your contact info online, and this is all I could come up with, so forgive me for posting this in your comments.

This is Dan Boyd, I was one of your students in Abingdon. Remember me? If you are at all inclined, my website is, which has my email. I'd love to catch up and find out things are going for you, and send you the comics that I've done.


Charles said...

Ooh, so you're teaching classes on tackling psychic girls now? Awesome!

Five classes sure sounds like a lot to do. I'm actually only taking one this quarter: taking a semi-break from school and getting some other projects done. I should actually have something pretty awesome to show you sometime relatively soon.

RichM said...

Hi Mr. Lyle, I was wondering if you had any original pages from your 1998 WARLOCK series for sale. Thanks.

-Rich Marzullo

Tom Lyle said...

I'll write soon.


Yes, I still have pages for sale.
I have a couple of the double page spreads and quite a few single pages.
What are you interested in?


RichM said...

Tom- really, any and all pages from the series. My funds are limited right now, but eventually I'd like to have a nice collection of pages from the series (I have 14 pages right now). What price are you asking for them?


DamonO said...

I've got my fingers crossed that you'll be taking commission requests in the summertime.:-)

Jerry said...

Hi Tom,

I agree with Damon, I'm really hoping you get some time to do commissions this summer.

When I picture Robin, I picture your version, and I have all your Spidey issues, so I'm hoping to get a Spider-Man and Nightwing piece from you.

Another reason, you're just a great guy. Back in 1994, you showed up unannounced at a Dark Horse convention in Portland, OR and I was lucky enough to be there and meet you. While I didn't have anything for you to sign since I didn't know you were going to be there, you graciously talked to me for almost an hour, which is even more impressive because I was 14 at the time and was probably a little annoying (though not rude, I know that, lol).

That is one of my fondest convention memories still, even after recently turning 30. Thanks.

RichM said...

Hey Tom. I just wanted to let you know that I am still very interested in those WARLOCK pages you have, and of course a commission if you have the time. Please get back to me at your convenience. Thanks.

-Rich Marzullo