Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New ART Pages

Here's four more pages of layouts from CHICKASAW ADVENTURES #5 that I did back in 2006. I did a very tight job on these. The layouts were done at a 6" x 9" size and I blow them up, print them out on bristol board in blue and then ink directly over the layouts instead of doing finished pencils. I try to add more black placement on the finished art than I do here, but I do try to make sure I place a good bit of the black areas even on my layouts.

I even try to work out my perspective (when I have a background that needs more than a horizon line) at this size so that the vanishing points aren't too far out for the page.

Take care.



Drew said...

Dang...I'm always shocked at how tight your roughs are, Tom. Dunno why, I always think faster and more frenetic when I work smaller, so my stuff tends to be looser.

I've been trying to change that though. I'm doing some pages for Kel right now where my work is a bit smaller than 10 X 15 (like somewhere between 6 X 9 and 8 X 12) and I try to get that as tight as I need to, then ink it all in Illustrator. So far hasn't been too bad.

They're still not nearly as tight as these yet, but I'm working on it!


Todd said...

Good 'ol Chickasaw. Love the layouts, Tom! But I think my favorite is still your unreleased Spidey page at the bottom.

Howard said...

You know,Tom... I am STILL a huge fan of your art work!!!


Howard Mackie

Tom Lyle said...


I'm so glad to hear from you.
Please drop me a line at ( so that we can chat about our time together.

I really miss working with you.

I've worked with some BAD writers since losing MUTANT X back in the day.

Hope you and the family are well.

Ran into Todd Dezago in Charlotte. I'll be at NYC COmicon in February if you're going to be there.

Take care.

To Matt and Andrew-
Thanks guys.
Love to you both. Good luck to you both.

derik451186 said...

I just discovered your blog Tom! Why wasn't I notified! Always great to see some classic Tom Lyle roughs. Mine are actually getting pretty darn tight too. Working out all of the perspective issues on the small scale helps immmensly. Is it any wonder I've professed this method to every student I can???? P.S. Stop by my blog too if you can!