Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still alive!!!

Hey. I'll put up the rest of my NY story tomorrow and also give a career update.



Derik Diaz said...

I eagerly await your tales of adventure in new york!

Grok558 said...

do you take commissions? I cannot find contact info for you! if so please email me! grok558@yahoo.com

Lauren Rasmussen said...


Tabitha said...

It's been a long To be continued.

Laura said...

Hey Professor Lyle! It's Laura (with the silly black hat)! I stumbled onto your blog. Looks like you don't check so often, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to say thanks for...well, for a lot, really. Specifically, I wanted to say thanks for the reference you wrote for my student visa application. I spent six months in London, working at Westminster Abbey, and I learned so much. I'm back and starting to get settled again.

I hope you're doing well, and with luck, I'll see you at Editor's Day (whenever that is). Cheers and take care!

Matthew Lawrence said...

Hey Tom,

I recently discovered your blog and seeing what Grok558 says I would LOVE to talk to you about a commission of a sketch of you character Starman. Not to sound to fanboy but that series was my ALL time favourite . I have been reading comics now for 20 years and it was one of my first and still favourite.

Matthew Lawrence said...

Oh Sorry, I forgot to leave my email it is mlbespoke@iprimus.com.au
( I know funny email address but i am a tailor)

Tom Lyle said...

I may be able to do something in the fall, but for right now I'm way too busy with teaching and some freelance.

Keep after me, though.
Thanks for the interest and support.


Tom Lyle said...

Same for you.


radiospringy said...

Hi Prof. Tom! This is Corey. I believe I was one of your early students, taking your Superhero Comics course with two others. Good to see you're still teaching. I told my comic book loving roommate about you and it seems you drew one of his favorite Spider-Man books.

It's been a while. I graduated in 06 and have since left Georgia and live in Los Angeles. Haven't been to Savannah itself in two years. I worked on this show late last year, and now do my own independent comic for the web here.

Take care.