Saturday, August 28, 2010


I've got a two week window of opportunity for those of you interested in getting a sketch from me. I'm taking orders on a first-come, first-served basis.

I will do full pencils on bristol board or inks on bristol board.

Send a note with an email and I will send you my rates.

Thanks for the interest.



John said...
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John said...

Mr.Lyle, I am very interested in something. Please send me an email with your rate info: Thanks!


The Batfan said...


send me your rates

The Batfan

VinReaper said...

Hello TL,

Please send me the rates for commissions.


Patrick (aka VR)

Anonymous said...

I'd like a copy of the rate info, too.

Shandil said...

Please send me your rates Mr. Lyle. My email is

Yanira said...

Hey name is Liamsynclair and I would love to know your rates please! Please send info to do appreciate the time taken out to send this 411...thanks

M said...

Hi Tom,

Please email me your rates


arishapiro1 said...

I really hope I am still in time to get a piece

James said...

Please send me your rates if you are still available.


dave aikins said...

HI Tom! Count me in on info for a sketch!

Dave Aikins

Byron said...

Tom, Please send me an email with your rates to

Really looking forward to trying to set something up.


Matthew said...

Hi Tom,

If there are still openings, I'd love to at least see what your rates are:


Grok558 said...

I would also love to know your rates!

DamonO said...

Please send your rates to, and thanks for your consideration.

Mike Mikulovsky said...

Hi Tom
I loved your work on Starman at Dc in 88-90. I'd love to see DC bring him back in his original outfit. If so I'm hoping you'd return to do it or Capt.Marvel/Billy Batson. If DC ever cleans up the mess they've created with both these great characters.

please let me know what your rates are for commissions. Also if you might still have some original Starman art.Thanks! Mike

Eric said...

Hi Tom:

I love your work and am looking for an artist to work with us on a National Institute of Health grant. We are looking to create a graphic novel that will support an anti-drug abuse message for at-risk teens.

If this is of any interest to you, please contact me at