Sunday, January 2, 2011

TRUE GRIT (2010) - See it!!

First off:
I want Josh Brolin's agent to work for me. His part is so small, but he gets third billing. Wow!!

Go see this movie. Not only is it good, but there are great shots to see for influence in sequential work. In addition, despite the sometimes breaking of the 180 degree rule, the storytelling in this movie is impeccable. The Coen brothers know storytelling, that's for sure.

Good acting. Hailee Steinfeld is awesome. She has just the right blend of toughness and vulnerability to pull this part off.

Can't recommend this movie enough.


Paulina Ganucheau said...

Can't wait to seeee iiiit! I hope all is well with you Tom. :)

Ted said...

How does it compare to the original? I'm not diehard loyal to John Wayne, but I definitely liked it.

Matthew Sparks said...

I haven't seen either version... but I trust your judgment sir!!!!

Anonymous said...

That movie was so good. And SO inspiring! Don't be surprised if you see some cowboys in my sketchbook this quarter!

Anonymous said...

It is a good movie. I thought the shots were a little flat most of the time personally but is that possibly an homage to the westerns of the past?

E said...

Hi Mr. Lyle,

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anslatadams said...

Sounds interesting, I'm going to tell David about it, he LOVES Westerns, I like some, too. Thanks Tom!