Friday, March 25, 2011

LACOSTE - Part Two

It seems so different to be here this time. I'm in short sleeves today.

The students get here in a few hours. I've been here since Monday and it's Friday now. Classes start on Monday.

Here's a few pictures to show how different the campus looks without snow and freezing cold.

And Bonnieux couldn't look better.

So ... the students should have a great time. They say that this is the best arrival weather that we've ever had. It's a far cry from the freezing cold and snow from last year.

Classes soon.



Angela F. said...

Gah! I want to be there! I hope the department still goes during the Spring while I'm in the grad program. I really really want to go back.

Dr. Kara said...

Looks so beautiful! Hope you guys have lots of fun!

Tom Lyle said...

We're scheduled for winter quarter of next year. Sorry.

Thanks. Hope you're well.


Andrew said...

Always great to see a post from you, Tom. Hope Lacoste is as much fun this time around as it was last time (minus freak blizzards and snow, of course.)

Angela F. said...

Well that's okay I wasn't planning on going next quarter. Was going to go in my second year. Hopefully then it'll be in the Spring again.