Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hi all-
I'll be at HEROES CON this year for the first time in three years. I missed 2010 because of eye surgery (no, not lasik.) I missed 2011 because of Sue's MFA graduation. So, I'll be on hand this year.

I'm still working on sorting out what to do for my style of finishes, but I'm about to change again. I'm still trying stuff. I tried a single weight "brush" that had no thick or thin (my face ... yet again) and ignored the night time for now thinking of tones or colors for the future. And then I tried a more traditional style with a thicker brush so that I can't get all detailed. I'm "keeping it simple, stupid."

Feedback?? This is the all one weight line drawing.

I want to figure this stuff out. It may be that I take a student's advice: "Just draw it and by page 100 you'll have it all figured out."

So true.

Wisdom from others. It happens sometimes!



Phillip Sevy said...

Yes, I'm liking this much more. It has a more Walt Simonson-esque look, with the thicker, bolder, angular lines. I like it. I'm excited to see what you do with it when you start playing with it in Magna studio.

Tom Lyle said...

Sue's happier with it since she says I don't look like an angry lesbian any more.


The Purple Grackle said...

Your student may be right, perhaps you're over-thinking this. The drawing looks great...keep going. I wanna know what happens out there.

Dewback13 said...

Phil beat me to the punch re: Simonson. But it really has that energy, without compromising definition and readability. I was nervous when I read "single weight 'brush'" but you were able to get great variety and even your signature bark texture looks good.

But wouldn't using a single weight brush be like using a micron? Frank Cho

Anxious to see how the inks and tone will come together as you narrow down what is working and what you like.

As far as doing 100 pages... total make sense and one reason why daily webcomics are great to work out style and technique. Similar to your run on Starman. But it is understandable to want the finished book to be cohesive as well.

Thanks for continuing to share.

I haven't been this excited about new Tom Lyle art since you filled in on Vigilante!

Tom Lyle said...

I'm getting rid of the halo on the pages from before, but I'm leaving the scratchy lines like I have here. I'm sure that volume will count, but - as you noted - I was hoping for consistency, but then I DO want change too. That comes with time and effort. So ... off to the races I go.
I've touched up pages 4, 5 and 6 and still have page 7 to do. I also finished (the blacks) for page three - the page this panel is from. I'm saving tones/colors for later right now.
Thanks for being excited.


Stacey said...


I was wondering if you'll be doing any sketches or commissions at Heroes Con? I've been a Robin and Spoiler/Steph fan forever so I was thrilled when I found out you'll be at Heroes Con.


Tom Lyle said...

Yes. I will. I'd love to do a SPOILER. I'll be at the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) booth. Should be there quite a bit every day. If not, I'll take home commission work as well.
Thanks for the interest!!

Ryan said...

I'll be there Saturday Tom. Look forward to seeing you.

Tim said...

Hi, Tom! Was a pleasure meeting you and your students at Heroescon this year. When I asked for a head and shoulders sketch of Robin I had no idea how incredible it was going to be. I appreciate your body of work, chatting with you and especially the sketch you did for me.

Hope to see you at Heroescon again soon!