Sunday, January 26, 2014


I got to draw ROBIN and BATMAN again last year. I just thought that you might like to see a bit of it.
LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT (digital only) - Issues 63, 64 and 65


Soby Doodles said...
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Soby Doodles said...

Hello, this is kelly, we talked at the heroes convention today. I had some trouble with the email that was given on your business card, so instead i'm writing this through your blog. My Devaintart is written at the bottom, that's where i publish most of my art.

Hyejung Park said...

Dear Mr. Lyle,

Hello, I am Rachel Park, a senior marketer at Naver Corporation, a top internet content service provider headquartered in South Korea. Our recently launched project has led us to find current professors/ lecturers at Universities who have a career in the comic art industry; and by doing so I came across your profile in SCAD's website.

Our company has currently launched a global app under the name of LINE Webtoon, which is the most popular online comic service in Korea. And looking into your career, we would highly appreciate to have a chat with you regarding your students and career in the comic industry in the U.S.

The app offers free comics that are optimized for mobile devices and a mobile web version is also available. There are 43 cartoons, including several globally heralded series among the 520 original Naver webtoons and some brand new series by American artists, available on the new LINE Webtoon. Webtoons are updated daily and users can read as many webtoons as they want for free.

Here are some links on Naver and LINE Webtoon.

[Naver Corporation]

[LINE Webtoon]

I have a business trip planned from July 23rd to 28th in San Diego, CA to attend the San Diego Comic-Con, and I sincerely hope to meet you in person if you are available. Please let me know if you are attending the San Diego Comic Con and can share your time for an interview. The interview will only take an hour or so.

I would highly appreciate it if you send me a reply to as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you in advance.