Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Had a blast in Charlotte. I was so pleased that everyone seemed to remember me. I drew my guts out at the show and it was great. Did some pretty good sketches even if I say so myself. We pushed the heck out of SCAD there as well and that went really well. All six workshops by the other professors and myself were really well attended and that's good considering we were only put on the HEROES website about a week before the show began.
I'm working on finishing up a few commissions that I couldn't finish at the show and then it's on to some full pencils for samples that Marvel has requested.

Keep your fingers crossed and I'll be drawing for Marvel in some form this year. Soon.

I miss superheroes!!

Started the summer quarter at SCAD on Monday. I was tired from the con, but it went well. I'm teaching four classes and they're going well. INTRO, DRAWING, PENCIL AND INK 1, and PENCIL AND INK 2. Good groups of people in each class.

Best to all and thanks for the support.



David Allan Duncan said...

Hey Tom! Thanks again for putting the Heroes trip together. I'm looking forward to next year.

Tom Lyle said...

I had a blast. John said you had input for the next one. I'd love to meet with you some time this summer and talk about it.
Thanks for stopping by.