Sunday, July 1, 2007


Okay. I think that I'm going to sound like an old fart here, but why are the students that I'm teaching having such a hard time with observation and evaluation? Is it the MTV generation of fast visuals and instant gratification? Too much sugar? Too much porn on the internet? Too many video games (which are the Devil's work, I'll tell you now.)

I just cannot figure out why I seem to be talking Greek to these folks when I mention taking time to figure something out through observation.

Enough said about that for now.

I finished one page of my full pencil samples for Marvel, but I had guests from Wednesday on ... and it's hard to make yourself draw when you've got company that wants to party. I partied!!!

I'm going to regret all those calories later, but it was fun sitting in our small backyard oasis and drinking beer and wine and talking about life and stuff. Very cool. Especially since it's hot as heck here in Savannah right now.

Missed my 35th High School reunion last weekend, but looking at the photos online was interesting ... THEY'RE ALL OLD FOLKS!!!

Of course, I'm not.

More later. Best to everyone who has dropped by. Make a comment or two.


Charles said...

Observation? What's that? After all, y'know, like Descarte said, we can't trust our senses. How do we even know the world as we think we see it really exists? We should all just learn to draw pictures of thoughts and logic, I suppose.

(That, and I'm just too busy watching internet porn.)

Tom Lyle said...

Oh, Charles!
You know that our senses were meant for sleeping!!
If I said observation, I meant of the insides of our eyelids.
Thanks for dropping by.