Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thinking about the Past!

Well ...
guess who this little, precious wonder is!

If you guessed a future teacher at SCAD, then you are so genius.

This is little Tom Lyle at about age 2 with his Easter Basket full of fun stuff. I love this picture because I'm smiling so big. I was a shy kid except in front of a camera. What a ham!

I used to like to act out the songs from commerials on TV from back then. You'd have thought I'd become an actor, but ... no, I had to become a comic artist.

Spider-Man never knew I was coming.

Dad's funeral is tomorrow. I'll be teaching summer school starting on the 23rd. I will also be in Charlotte the weekend right before school starts for the Heroes Con. Come and see me.

I'm kind of not posting much art, am I? I'll start back with some soon.
See ya.

1 comment:

Charles said...

Dude, you looked like you even when you were two!

It's funny how some people's old photos look completely different, and some look like they're a character in an animated show and the animators just made a 'young' version of them for a flashback. You seem to be one of the latter. : )