Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More TOM-Foolery!!

Hey! Guess who this manly young man is?

I know, I'm getting to be a pain with all these pictures and stuff. I'm just having fun looking at some stuff from the past.

If you guessed Tom Lyle, you'd be mostly right. I was still "Tommy" at that point ... but don't call me that now. Only my mom could call me that and get away with it.

This is from about the second grade.

I'll put some Tom Lyle art up in a day or two.

Later, Gator!!


Matt said...

aw man, i could so tell it was you! that's awesome! i miss ya tom! yeah, baby!!! (diet mountain dew!)

Grant_Devereaux said...

Hi Tom -

Sorry to hear about you both your parents. I mean, to lose one parent is tragic, but two - that's just careless! (Stole that one from Oscar Wilde)

Life is ever evolving and change is often difficult to deal with. Sorry to read your brother died in 1994. That had to be very tough for you as well.

Still, I am so proud and happy for you, looking at your work and realizing how well you have done. Be proud of yourself. You deserve it!

Best to you -

Don Metz

Tom Lyle said...

Hi, Don.

Good to hear from you.
Wit is always good to have at times like this.

Hope all is well with you.

Take care.


Tom Lyle said...

Miss you, too.
Anything going on?

Hope all is well.