Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Work - COVER ART

Hi all-
I should be (if all falls together with a contract) working on a book for publication in France next year. Two albums. Very cool. Great writer. New style things from Tom Lyle.

Here's a taste of what is coming:

I'm very excited about what is coming from this.

Can't give any details yet, but it's a cool adventure, political-intrigue story with a smidgen of sci-fi as well.

Good stuff.

By the way, they won't be using this as a cover, but it looks good anyway.


andy smith said...

Very Cool! Congrats on the cool gig! Are you inking your work as well?

Tom Lyle said...

They're going to color the pencil art.

I'm intrigued to see how it works.

Two 66 page albums - 11 pages a month for all of next year.

Not bad.

How are you doing?


John said...

That's awesome... It'd be cooler if it was something those of us fans here in the USA could grab. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hooray! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh! How exciting! I can't wait to see where this goes! Congratulations in getting into the France comic scene as well!

Tom Lyle said...

If things work out well - as they should - it will get released in the US later, too.

That will be neat for me.


Kamryn said...

This is so exciting! Yaaay!

Derik Diaz said...

So great to see some new Lyle art! Is it going to be published in French only? Or will there be an English version? Either way great stuff. Glad to hear good things are happening.


andy smith said...


That is a great schedule! Can't wait to see some of it! Doing good just did two issues of X-men Forever.

chasingsirens said...

wow, that's really awesome! definitely see that perspective grid at work! very interesting composition. is it for a french publisher? i'm very curious in european publishers.

Red-Web said...

Congrats Tom,
Was so impressed when you did the Vigilante work. Your work continues to Improve... Can't wait to travel the internet chasing after this publication.

Lauren Rasmussen said...

WOOHOO! 11 pages a month is a nice schedule. I know it'll ne a while, but I can't wait to see and read it. :)

Denise said...

Hi I am in hopes that you can help me with an collection of 6 comic books that you signed of ROBIN III I have 130/200 Thank you times are bad for me and unfortunatly have to sell my collection Thank you so much

Denise said...

my email address is Thank you Tom

Dave said...

Congrats on the Gig, Tom!

The piece has a strong moody feel overall, and I like
the subtle 3-point perspective that you have applied to it.

It's Dave Ross saying 'Hi' . I've also been teaching in a Sequential Arts program (four years and counting) up here in the Great White North ( Toronto CAN.)

Oh the stories I'll bet we could swap!

Drop me a line and I'll send you some j-pegs of a
current project that I'm pencilling with Bob Layton's
Inks. I have scans of the Thumbnails, Finished Pencils and Inks that I can pass along to demo my
working process. It's always good for students to see range of different approaches that we all use.