Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Never thought I say this, but I'm doing my art completely digitally now.

I'm doing finished pencils, but I'm using a "pencil" brush in photoshop on my cintiq.

It's great for my eyes. I love that I can get such cool detail in there again.


Very weird, but interesting.

Here's the latest two pages ... and thanks to fellow sequential Mark Brooks for the link to the brushes. It's a big deal!!


Ted said...

Nice pages, Tom! If you're working all digital now, I think Hell is going to freeze over any time.

Tom Lyle said...



andy smith said...

Wow, that's nice brother! Where did you get the brushes...please hook a brother up with the info!


Tom Lyle said...

Got the link from Mark Brooks.

Here's where they are:

I'm using the pencil brush and lowering the black color to a gray.

You could even go lighter with the gray, but I like the darkness ... especially since the project is being reproduced from the pencils.

Good luck, Andy.


Tom Lyle said...



Where's the love.


Tom Lyle said...

And two of the four (now four of the six) were mine!!!

Prof. Roy Richardson said...

OK, you asked for it, dude. How does it feel to have completely eliminated the usual end result of all that labor, the physical piece of orginal artwork that you can hold in your hand, and, more importantly, possibly SELL?
Prof. Roy, the Devil's Advocate, also as usual....

Tom Lyle said...

It sucks!!

But at least I can SEE what I'm drawing and not guessing where to put the darn pencil.

Practicality wins!!!


Trent said...

Love the work Tom! It's awesome seeing your updated pages. Glad you found a way to do your work that isn't as hard on your eyes. Patrick told me that his teachers had told him that it was bad for your eyesight if you regularly worked on a white canvas in photoshop. I'm not sure how much credence the claim holds, but I thought I would just mention it.
Really awesome pages. I can't wait for that book to come out.

Ernest_Gomez said...

Well Tom, are you gonna use this in any of your classes? Im trying to save up for a cintiq I just cant get used to drawing on my wacom, but i feel as if though id be a little lacklustered on if i should change my approach to setting up layout like concept artist do, do you find this way the same in its initial approach? or have you made any changes on how you build up your page?

andy smith said...

Thanks Tom, I'm downloading those babies!

Phillip Sevy said...

These pages look great - you'd never be able to tell you went digital. Thanks for the link on the brushes - I'm going to give them a try in my "spare" time - ha!