Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lacoste - WEEK 4 - 2011

Just a quick play-by-play for you. I can't go into too much detail as I would wax poetic forever.


I've now officially been inside of it. With visiting artist James Casebere (picture above or to the left) here in Lacoste, he gave his guest lecture inside the chateau. Something new for me. We didn't get to see all of the interior spaces, but it was an experience being inside there nonetheless.

The pool of water at the top of Fontaine de Vaucluse was so much lower this year (see the first two pictures above) than last year ( I think that this is the same tree in the foreground of the third photo - which is from last year ... and, btw, check out the size of the people down at the water's edge in the second photo) and it was actually somber and creepy instead of awe-inspiring. It was so quiet. You didn't hear the rushing water. It is still feeding the river, but from some underground tunnels that come out further down the hill. Very weird.

The first two photos above are also from last year. The second photo shows the rocks and trees that are in the first photo from this year ... and how high the water was last year. The other one is from this year. As you can see from the attire, it was MUCH warmer this year.

All my witty little charges waiting to leave Fontaine.

For Travel Portfolio on Wednesday, we went sketching around Lacoste. The first photo is from just outside the Portal de Chevre (the Goat Gate) and the flower shot is what they were looking out on to for their sketching. But ... I had them drawing cars. Also, the last photo is of Maison Basse and the students went down there and did some drawing as well.

More to come.

I still have ARLES from Friday and the Abbey de Sananque from Saturday. I got to hear singing Monks. It was awesome.

France is pretty cool, folks.

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