Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aren't We Cute?

Here's my girl and me at a cafe in France. She's awesome. But ...

I miss her. She's already back in the USA.
I'll be there in two days.

France is AWESOME!!!


Paulina Ganucheau said...

Adorable. You guys are the cutest. I hope Lacoste treated you well. I miss you!

Ernest_Gomez said...

all i can say is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Tom Lyle said...

Hi, Paulina-
Yes. Lacoste treated me well ... and I enjoyed it overall just like last year. I wish we would go in spring every year but it goes back to winter quarter next year. How are you doing?

Ernest -
I know. I'm nauseating. But ... I'm biased about the girl.

How are you doing?

Ernest_Gomez said...

Well Tom, you sure start off with the hard hitting questions! I am doing well, aiming to do better. I am a part time after school teacher, part time art teacher (one is through a organization the other is personal classes I started giving to some of the kids where I used to teach due to it shutting down), an part time freelancer. Still trying to be like you, and you know I have no need to kiss you butt so take it as a compliment. Still with my gf, 10 points if you can remember her name without looking on facebook! Lets see, I got a cintiq and just had to send it for repair, should be back to me in two weeks, wrapped up a few freelance gigs, might get a job with a greeting card company, teaching myself digital painting, and getting a few pages ready for San Diego or to show my contact at Top Cow. I miss Savannah and want to visit really bad, but that's not likely to happen until I get a more stable gig... Wow, I just rambled on more then I meant to. So in short I'm ok, but I know/feel I should be doing better. One day ill get SCAD to pay for me to go back :P and we can party like rock stars!