Monday, June 6, 2011

LACOSTE - Highlights

I'm working backwards from the ending of the trip. This is from week 8 and 9 of the trip with Sue still there. It was great. We had rented a car to get around and that was very handy.

TARASCON, FRANCE - A very cool castle.

Saignon, France -- just outside of Apt. What a cool village with a great chateau/castle at the top. Very neat to be among all that history.

Sue and I in ITALY on the Mediterranean. Pretty cool. Only four hours from Lacoste by car. Not bad. That's like driving to Atlanta from here ... only much cooler.

It was just starting to bloom in this one field near Goult in Provence.

Final projects and the critique for TRAVEL PORTFOLIO - a great class to teach because of the results that come from it with the students. They really surprise me with the art they produce.

Sue and I in OPPEDE LE VIEUX which is about 20 minutes away from Lacoste. There's the ruins of a cool chateau/sort of castle at the top of the village on the side of a mountain. Sue's looking good here ... as usual.

Final Critiques for VISUAL STORYTELLING 1 and 2. Don't I look like I know what I'm doing?

Here's the photo we took at the party after Vernissage. This is most of the students (a couple are missing) that were in Lacoste for Spring 2011.


Prof. Roy Richardson said...

Cool castles indeed. But I forget, nobody cares about backgrounds anymore! ;-)

Miss Ngo said...

I wish I would have seen the lavender bloom. Provence had such an unprecedented beauty and really changed the direction of my paintings for the better, I believe. Hem hem...where are your sketches from France, Tom Lyle?

Tom Lyle said...

Hi there.
I've been finishing up pages for the project for the French publisher, so I haven't even had time to scan some of the sketchbook pages that I drew while in Lacoste.
I loved having you in class and I hope you don't feel that I pushed too hard because you and Bridget have great skills ... I just didn't want you guys to settle for where you were with your skills right now. You can rock it even better.
Hope you're having a great summer.
Come by Norris Hall some time and say HELLO.
Tom (Professor Lyle, of course)

AK said...

Mr. Lyle,

Those are very nice pictures. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with you last year at the 2010 New York Comic-Con. Will you be attending again this year? Will you be there all three days an where can I find you? Thanks.

Anand Kandaswamy