Friday, July 6, 2012


I've had a loaner computer from SCAD since the end of Spring Quarter. My hard drive crashed.

I have an older MacBook Pro here and it's not got a whole bunch of software on it that I was determined to work with over the summer. So, I'm just biding my time.

I DO want to learn to paint in Photoshop, but also in Painter. I haven't got Painter on this one.

But, in the mean time, I got a book on digital painting in Photoshop and started messing around on a drawing that I did in Paris in the spring of 2011. Here's the results so far (far from finished.)

So, it's okay so far. A bit more Impressionistic than I hoped, but I won't fight that.

I've got to set this aside and work on some story pages next week. I'm going to have to tell you all about those later.

HEROES CON was AWESOME, by the way. Come next year if you didn't make it this year. SCAD's Sequential Workshops were worth the price of admission.

Take care.


David Balan said...

Nice color choices. Let me know what you think of Photoshop vs. Painter when you do try it. I'll be taking Electronic Illustration 1 next quarter, so I'll be doing some digital painting myself.

Tom Lyle said...

Thanks. I'm pretty happy with the color choices at this point.
My intent is really to learn Painter because of the oils function. I want my stuff to look like oil paintings. Photoshop is harder to achieve that kind of look in according to what I've read about it so far.
Who's teaching Elec. Illu?

Whit Leopard said...

Wow this is gorgeous! (Though I have always been a fan of Impressionism.) I think you did a great job with color choices. If you're trying out different programs, then you should try Paint Tool Sai, it's free and it has been one of my favorite programs when trying to get a painting feel to a piece.

David Balan said...


Professor Foerster is teaching Elec. Illu. Got a recommendation from some peeps in SEQA about him.

Do you think that painted comics are a viable way to go? Most of them that I see tend to be a bit busy or difficult to read. Not sure if that's just bad page design or the nature of painted comics. Silver Surfer: Requiem by Esad Ribic was pretty good, but otherwise I find them to be visually too busy on the page.

No denying color has a powerful emotional effect though. Just how to apply it best is the question.

Tom Lyle said...

So ... just found out that SCAD doesn't have a license for PAINTER any more and since my computer went kablooey I won't have access to it anymore.
Whit- Thanks. Paint Tool Sai looks okay, but I doubt SCAD will let me put it on their computer ... AND I want the oil paint function of Painter if I use it. It's awesome looking!
David- Lemme know about that class. I've got to get on top of this electronic thing more.
I also want to take some color theory.
I think that "painted" seqa work has a place, but it's not time/cost effective yet. It takes too long per page for what you'd get paid.
Most of the time.
Resale of original helps, but ... I wouldn't have any originals to sell since I'm working digitally.
The ever-changing world of Tom's Art.


Lance Vartanian said...

Sorry to hear your computer is down. Just look at the bright side: even though your MacBook Pro doesn’t have Painter, you can still train with the Photoshop in it. And when your computer gets fixed, you can then use Painter, which would definitely be handy, since you’ll have gotten a good grasp of how to use Photoshop by then.

@Lance Vartanian

Anonymous said...

Lance has a point. Use what you got to your advantage instead. :) Photoshop has a lot of tricks that could even develop your potentials. And nice work! Keep on creating art! :)

Cody Pruneda

Benita Bolland said...

Your drawing is amazing! I can tell from your work that getting your hands a hold of the Photoshop is great. I hope now you got your hard drive fixed or replaced. Maybe, you can install both Painter and Photoshop in it. In that way, you can explore both software, and use them in your artworks.

Benita Bolland