Friday, December 21, 2007


Best to everyone for the holidays.

Hope you're all safe and happy.

See you soon.



antigray said...

Hi Tom,
Please contact me by Email regarding a movie project. I can't post information about it on your blog. Will give you full details.
Art Greenfield


DamonO said...

Hope you have a safe, prosperous, and Happy New Year.

Erin said...

Hey Tom! I've often wondered where you guys ended up, and here you are! Sounds like you're doing pretty well and keeping busy. VA misses you both!

Erin West

Tom Lyle said...

Hey, Erin.
Give a shout out to Sue.
Her email is

We were just thinking about you the other day. REally.

Hope all is well.

WE have lots of stories to tell.


RichM said...

Hi Mr. Lyle, or do you go by DR. Lyle now? I just wanted to say hello to you. I am a big comic book fan and loved your Adam Warlock series that you did for Marvel. I have a signed print of Warlock that you mailed to people who wrote to Marvel to try to keep the series going (too bad that never panned out). Do you take commission requests, or are you too busy now? Completely understandable if you are, I just wanted to ask. I never got to meet you at any cons, which was too bad. They are still fun, btw. Alright, again just wanted to say hello and hope all is well. Take care.


BTW: people still talk about and admire your Spider-Man work, in case you did not know.

Anonymous said...


I was excited to find your blog and to see you're still out there doing Art. You helped me fall in love with Spider-Man and I wanted to know if your open to commisions as I'd love to add a Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man drawing to my wall by one of the masters.

Let me know if this can be done.


dear james, love pussy said...

Tom, your former roomie here. I keep trying to email and not sure it's getting through and your phone is always busy at home. I'm in NY--not UK, after all. Want to talk to you about two projects.

or check out the blog that could become a graphic novel with your help... I won't put my phone number here but email me and we can chat soon??? heather ps love to sue

Andrew Goletz said...

I was wondering if I could request a short Q&A with you regarding your Spider-Man work, specifically during the Clone Saga? I'm in the process of writing a book about it and would love to have your input.

Andrew Goletz