Thursday, June 5, 2008

Henry Durham Lyle, Sr. 1914-2008


My dad passed away today at about 11:00 am this morning. He was 94 years old. I remember the good and the bad things, but I'll tell you ... that man did pretty good raising three wildly divergent and different boys.

I've always been intrigued by the changes in life and society that my dad saw in his life. I mean, movies, airplanes and cars were very new when he was born.

The photo to the right is one of my mom and dad from Christmas of 1955. I would have been 2 years old. My brother Larry would have been 5 and Sandy would have been 8. What a dress, eh?

Anyway, I got to be with dad over the weekend and on Monday for his last really lucid days. I really appreciate that I was able to be there for that.

My dad was sent back to his home in Williston, Florida by Hospice, so he got to die in the home that he lived with my mom in at the end of her life as well. I think that being there made him happier. He was definitely ready to go to the Lord. I know that he missed mom tremendously. They were married for 67 years after all.

The photo to the left is from the summer of 1959 - July to be exact. I was 5. My brother Sandy is behind me - he is 11. My brother Larry is in the back - he is 8. That's my Daddio in those neat-o plaid slippers on the back steps of the house on Oak Street in Jacksonville. 2910 Oak Street to be exact ... again.

Larry has been gone for 13 years now. He died of AIDS in 1994.

Sandy is still here and strong as a horse. It's down to me and him now. I want to acknowledge that my brother was at the bedside for both my mother and my father's passing. I'm glad that they were not alone.

I was getting ready to go back to Florida tomorrow to be with dad, but ... at least I was able to say all my goodbyes on Monday.

I was lucky to have both of my parents for so long. It's just really odd trying to get used to the idea that the Lyle, family of 5, is now down to 2.

Say a brief prayer for every parent and thanks to all for your support.


Andy P Black said...

My most heart-felt sympathies for you Tom. I hope that you are doing alright and as I said before, if you need anything, even just to talk, don't hesitate to call me. Take care of yourself and your family.


Tom Lyle said...

Thanks, Andy.
The support and comfort of all the friends that I've made here at SCAD is a great deal of what's getting me through all this.

Going to Heroes Con?


Sean Ross Williams said...

Hey Tom!

I'm sad to hear your dad passed, but he raised a good guy!

I'm so anxious about the New York trip! In less than a week I leave!

Also, I like that Iron Ghost script enough to put out some thumbs.

Hope to talk to ya soon!

Drew said...

Hey Tom,

I just found out about this, so I'm hear to leave my condolences for you and your brother. I can't say I ever felt a loss this close, but I'm glad to hear the support of everyone around you has kept you uplifted. Wish you the best and hope to talk to you soon,


Tom Lyle said...

Thanks so much. Let me know how the NYC trip goes. Let me see those pages when you get them done.

Always good to hear from you. Be sure to keep me posted on what jobs and stuff you get. I was pretty teflon from this kind of personal "tragedy" myself for many years. Having lost my mom and dad within 6 months is tough, but I did have them for many, many years.

Thanks for the kind words and support. Best to you both.


Serge Ladd said...


Heartfelt condolences to you and your family for your loss. He raised a great son who became a professional's professional in an industry that is too often built on flash and no substance, and I'm sure he was proud of you and your work ethic!

And remember, you've been an honorary family member in our household for years, and I'm sure there's many others out there that feel the same about you.

God Bless You and your family, and I can't wait to see you this weekend.

Best Wishes,

Serge, Laurie and the Kids!

Jerry said...

Hi Tom,
I just read your blog today and I am sorry for your loss. That is tough for all that to happen within 6 months, but like you said, you got to be with them for a long time.

My father is currently sick but won't tell anyone what's going on, he'll be 60 next year but it's not looking like he'll make it to that milestone. It's sad that my daughter probably won't remember him. I barely remember my grandfather and I was 5 when he died, my daughter is only 3.

Good luck with classes on Monday. Funny that you put up that DD piece, the only art I have of yours is a DD pin up that you did in the '90s that I recently picked up, though if you get the urge to do some commissions, I would love to add to that.

Again, good luck and I hope you have a great summer. Stay strong!

Angel Hill said...

Ah, Tom. I'm sorry :( I'll see you in class next week, and give you a hug then!

PS...and to think you were sucha cute kid. I wonder what happened? Haha, just kidding. See you in class.

DamonO said...

Just got around to reading this and my deepest sympathies for you and yours on your loss. I've been there and I know how it feels. May God comfort you all.

Tom Lyle said...

Thanks for all the well wishes, folks. I'm doing pretty well. I have found that I have more friends than I thought that I did. I have also found that I was very lucky to have my parents as long as I did. My wife's dad died at 59. Jerry (above) is about to lose his dad at 60. Way too early. I send my thoughts and prayers out to everyone with a sick or terminal parent. I'll be thinking of you all as well. Take care and thanks again.