Tuesday, June 24, 2008

REAL Heroes Con Photos and INFO

Hi all-
First off, let me say that I'm overwhelmed by Matt Wieringo's scholarship in his brother's name that is to be awarded to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) where I am currently teaching. For all the info, you can read about it at Newsarama.

His brother, Mike passed away very prematurely and this will add to Mike's already voluminous legacy in such a positive manner. I thank everyone at HEROES CON (Todd Dezago and company) who was helping to raise money for the scholarhship. Some very deserving students will be helped a great deal by this effort.

Now, for photos from the show. That second one up there scares me. I've always been accused by my wife of being a mouth breather ... this confirms it.

In the first photo, featured prominently is Diana (Shazzbaa) Bennett. She was at last year's con and this was her second Heroes Con. She and all the other student volunteers (that's Andrew Greenstone sitting down) were a huge help. We couldn't have done it without them.

Btw, these photos are from famous SCAD Professor and new Sequential Department Chair, David Duncan. Go see more photos and info on David's site Gobnobble.

We'll be at HEROES CON next year as well. COME AND SEE US!!!


duncan said...

hmmm... stealing my photos, huh?

Thomas said...

Hi Tom,

Thomas here, the guy that was dressed up as Scarlet Spider. Thank you for the autograph and the picture. It was very awesome to meet you. I thought you might want a copy of the photo, so here is a link to it.


Tom Lyle said...

I've made an edit and added a link to your blog and given you credit, David.

Happy now????



duncan said...

I'm just messin' wif you, Toms.

Tom Lyle said...

Like I didn't know that.
But I did mean to promote your webblog anyway, so I gots to thinkin', "Let's do it!!!"

YOu've gotta give me lessons on layout and design. I'd love to personalize mine more.

And photos are driving me crazy lately.

Nice work.
loves ya!