Friday, March 18, 2011

Lots of BLOGGING soon - from FRANCE!

I'm getting to go back and the blog will be blazing with posts while I'm there.
So ... get ready and check in often.

Hope everyone is well.

More soon.



anslatadams said...

Wow! Lucky you!! Have fun!
Marlene Ansley

Tom Lyle said...

Thanks, Marlene.
This place is gorgeous.
And nice in every other way.
I love it here.

Hope you're well.


anslatadams said...

Will look forward to your blogging and photos, photos, photos! lol Are you possibly on Flickr?? I'm on there, I could get you a pass to visit my photostream on there. I'm a photography-alholic!! Okay, well have a safe and wonderful trip!!
Many regards,