Sunday, January 31, 2010

First - AVIGNON!!

On Tuesday of last week, my TRAVEL PORTFOLIO class went to Avignon for a bit. Bitter cold and stout winds made it hard to work or photograph anything (I almost had my camera blown out of my hands), but it is a beautiful town. We went mainly to the exterior of the Palace of the Popes. We will be visiting the interior (with my letter from SCAD certifying me as an Art History Professor - wow!) on February 9th. Let's hope it warms up some by then.

The wall around the town was built to protect the pope and the palace. It's pretty cool.

Class Members: Sarah Desrossiers, Grace Allison, Peter Larvan (our intrepid and freezing driver and guide), Jolie Menzel, Kyle Maurey, Angela Falvey, Jennifer Bickford, Nick LeBruyne, John Waluskiewicz, Allison Horner, Whitney Leopard (yes, she IS cold, too), Jen Keith, Missy Pena and Margo Nelson

All having more fun than a barrel of monkeys in a refrigerator!!!

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