Saturday, January 9, 2010

MORE SNOW with all the Students Here!!

No trip to Apt for supplies today. Too much snow. The group shot is of our first breakfast all together. It's very cold and still snowing, but not all that much. Probably about 8" has fallen, but it's getting beaten down so much that it's not anywhere close to that thick.

The students are bored.

But they at least have computer access. The can Facebook themselves to death!!!!

Some really good kids here. It seems like a fun group. We should be really productive and have some good fun while doing it.

More later.



Angel Hill said...

Snow snow snow! And I thought 33 degrees here in florida was cold (well, it is pretty cold for jacksonville).

Ted Helard said...

This looks unbelievably beautiful! Great shots, man!
How's the lay outs for the GN coming:-)