Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Travel Portfolio Trip: FONTAINE de VAUCLUSE

For my Travel Portfolio class, today we went to the small, but beautiful French Village of Fontaine de Vaucluse which is 30 minutes NW of the Lacoste campus. It's a very unique town that has a river (which is very active right now thanks to melting snow - yeah, that snow from earlier) which runs right down the side of it. The most unique part is that this river is fed from a huge spring at the bottom of a cave (which no one has been able to find the bottom of yet - manned or unmanned mission). The pool at the source seems so calm, yet within 10 feet of that pool start the roaring rapids - going downhill and past the town.

It's all very beautiful as you can see.

The shot of me by the water wheel is from a bridge/street that crosses right over the water and into the main part of the town.

These two shots are from the pool - the source - at the top of the hill.

Surrounding the village and water are the coolest cliffs and caves. and some very neat looking stalagmite formations on the face of the cliffs. The rock around here in France is so worn and old and just plain neat looking that you know you're in a place that has magic.

There's a chateau of some sort that you can see on the top of the rock formations here. In the one shot, students in my class - Angela Falvey and Nick DeBruyne - are looking up at this amazing wonder of nature.

It's just so cool. If Sue were here, it would be perfect.

We will be going back there some time later in the quarter. I'm sure that the water won't be running quite so intensely. This land is beautiful. How can you not appreciate this?


Chris Schweizer said...

This is some ridiculously beautiful scenery. Envious!!!

Tom Lyle said...

I feel VERY lucky to be here.
It's very, very neat.

Hope all is well with you.