Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The SCAD-Lacoste CAT!!

Hi all-
Here's the SCAD-Lacoste cat. She climbs all over the place and meows and purrs and generally has adopted all of us at this end of the campus. She ADORES Professor Daniel Brown. She has climbed into his apartment here many times. She was waiting for me in the doorway across from my apartment one morning - meowing away at me.
Yesterday she was perched on the post that is part of the gates going up to Pitot (the rooms - I'm in Daniel behind all of this) and I tried to photograph her ... and instead caught her in a great action shot!!

27 pages of plot done. More to come by Friday.



dear james, love pussy said...

Oh, now I'm really jealous! I kept trying to get them to send me... but no... I spent the summer in the pyrenees and on costa brave though, not working at all. Just working on my tan. I just sent you a note on FB... hope you have time to respond but I think wine and cheese are probably higher priorities. Try to find a Mont D'or cheese. You'll want to bathe in it it's SO good!

Prof. Roy Richardson said...

Ah a school cat, that certainly classes the place up!
does she have a name?

Tom Lyle said...

Not that I've found out yet. The cat is nameless. It just makes sure that it's wherever a potential meal ticket might be.

Hi there, girl.
I've got a student that I think might be very good for your project.

How are you doing?


Angel Hill said...

Having a cat around to visit should help with the homesickness, right? :D